Semantic Technologies monthly review. May 2010

By Javier Carbonell, June 1, 2010 5:31 pm

More activity related to semantic technologies continued during May month. In the field of new usages of Semantic Technologies we can hightlight some relevant  facts, as Jini is building a smart ‘Taste Engine’ for Google TVU.S. Defense intelligence Agency selected Inttensity software for text extraction solution for mission related work, Thomson Reuters has added financial video service, or the semantic application to take notes: Springpad

There were too some curious applications that added the funny point to the utilization of semantic technologies, for instance, Semantic Experts from EffectiveSoft analyzed lyrics of Eurovision song contest 2010,or that IdolStats successfully predicted american idol cast off through social media monitoring.
As in prior months, search applications continued playing an important role in Semantic developments, in this area Exalead has adviced travel websites about the huge possibilities of semantic technologies to offer personalized services to users.
The, as happens with other Open Data innitiatives  is seen as a source of possibilities for semantic technologies as depicted in this article, and SemTech as it ocurred in previous years , is raising a lot of interest and lots of mentions in media as its date is getting closer.

Other aspect to catch the level of  Semantic Technologies interest, is that VC continue fundraising companies in Semantic Technologies areas , for example Saplo has  raisen 500K$ for semantic text analsyis from VC, and Similar Changes has shifted its name to Similar Groups and raised more funding.
Other movements in Semantic sectors are that CEO Matt Zelesko (former Joost CEO) joined Inform Technologies as CTO, OpenAmplify bolstered leadership position in semantic web with additional patents, and Evri, that absorbed Twine, went Mobile for tech news on Android Phones.
Finally an interesting article  to read about Enterprise 3.0

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